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Practice from anywhere, at any time and let yourself be guided by a teacher who cares about your alignment, physical performance and fun during each session.

Experience premium content designed specifically for you to sculpt, lengthen, tone, strengthen and stretch your body from head to toe. Find something for every body, every mood, and every kind. 


Start here

Videos to start with if you haven’t done Pilates before or would like to have a more gentle practice. 

Focal Points

You’d like to train on specific body parts? No problem. Here you find videos that are specifically targeted to one muscle group, based on Pilates Principles. 

Small Props

Resistance Band, small Pilates Ball or weights – small equipment deepens the practice and allows you to understand your exercises from a different perspective. Enjoy! 

Series & Challenge

From our Pilates Summer Challenge Series to much more coming soon including a Starter Pilates Series and a Restorative Pilates Series we have some wonderful ways you can jump into a wonderful Pilates challenge to suit you. The Pilates Summer Challenge is challenging and not suitable if you are a complete beginner – you might want to try our Foundation classes first.

Only got 20 minutes?

If you don’t have that much time but still want to move your body, have a look at those classes, not longer than 20 minutes. 

Foundation & Signature Pilates

Classic Pilates Video Library, including intermediate and advanced practices. 


Here you find some signature classes taught in German. Enjoy! 

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”
– Joseph H. Pilates