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From experience, teaching students 1:1, on retreat or/and in several studios, the success journey always starts with the same steps. 

Based on that, I’ve created my products in a way so that you can achieve long lasting results – in mind and body: Step 1: Assessing the status quo, Step 2: Building a routine, Step 3: Grow beyond your horizon. 

Step 1: Status Quo

Get to know your body’s strengths and weaknesses, learn about the Pilates method and understand your major and minor core muscles thoroughly, to build a strong foundation. 

This is your entry point into the power of Pilates and its powerhouse. You struggle with lower back pain, hip flexibility or alignment & have heard about the wonders that Pilates can do?  

Then build your Core foundation today and finally say goodbye to lower back pains. 

Step 2: Routine

Learn about best practices and strategies on how to fall in love with movement and Pilates.

The Bayside Membership

Practice from anywhere, at any time and let yourself be guided by teachers who care about your alignment, physical performance and fun during each session.

The Self Renewal

How to navigate through the busiest most wonderful time of the year, gifting yourself with 24 days of self care! A whole calendar that includes  the best of all worlds: movement, meditation & mindfulness!

Step 3: Grow Beyond

Learn more about your body, its anatomical structure  and to support our physical self in the best way possible – holistically! 

Time to Shine

It’s time to break free from the constraints of ‘short hamstrings,’ lower back pain, or those tensed jaws. In this course, you’ll discover the keys to unlock your full potential in endurance, flexibility, and strength – the way your body was designed for. 

Individual Support​

You get to practice with Lena individually, in her most intimate container: her eyes are all on you and your individual progress.

Personal Training

This program is our most intimate container, for ambitious kinds who have tried a lot already, but still struggle with the same pain points. If you are ready to ditch physical pain, overwhelm, and self-doubt in order to finally create success and fulfillment in body and mind, then click the button below. Let’s upgrade your physique with the power of Pilates principles, conscious movement, and work-life-integration.

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