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There are several online courses, workshops and retreats that help you leveling up your health substantially. Because the truth is – you already have everything on hand to create a balanced life on your own terms!

Anything is possible if you stop ignoring your body, shift your focus & take consistent, small aligned actions.

All the techniques Lena is teaching her students, result out of personal experience and professional training that she obtained over the past 5+ years. If you’re here to find guidance towards your inner wisdom, we are so excited for you to start right here.

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Meet the founder

Hey sunshine, I am Lena a 28 years old German, now living in beautiful Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. 

I moved countries, quite often already, and found certainty, an inner sense of home and confidence within the Pilates Method. I finished my teacher training back in 2018 at Pilates Bodymotion in Cologne (Polestar oriented) and have been sharing my practice ever since.

My passion is the combination of conscious movements with that little extra challenge to reflect on underlying muscles & patterns. In my classes I focus on correct anatomical alignment and a conscious practice, using the breath as a tool to connect mind and body.

Practice with me to build strength & mobility 

– on and off the mat.

"small aligned steps, every day"

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1:1 Coaching

This high-level program is for ambitious kinds who are ready to ditch physical pain, overwhelm and self-doubt in order to create success and fulfillment in body and mind. Upgrade your life by the power of Pilates principles, conscious movement and work-life-integration.

Online Courses

Inspired by those who search for structure, healthy habits and a deeper connection to their bodies’ strength and weaknesses, We’ve designed various Pilates Programs, accessible on demand. We will walk you through training modules, including high-value resources, that you can practice at your own pace.

Retreats & Events

Wether you are new to Pilates or like to level up your practice: We’ll be your guide. Sign yourself up for one of these signature events to transform your mindset, build unshakable connection to your bodies’ communication system, harness your breath and design the life of your dreams – all whilst connecting with fellow movers.

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Student Reviews

I have been joining already several of Lena's online classes. It has always been a superb atmosphere - a combination of challenging sequences and mindful movements. I enjoy her instruction style and authentic nature 🙂 Pilates is such a perfect add-on to my regular yoga practice. I do not want to miss it.
Hanna Hesse