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I am super excited for you to be here, at Pilates Bay Online.
There are several online courses, workshops and retreats that help you leveling up your health substantially.
Because the truth is – you already have everything on hand to create a balanced life in your own terms!
Anything is possible if you stop ignoring your body, shift your focus & take consistent, small aligned actions.

All the techniques I am teaching my students result out of personal experience and professional training that I’ve obtained over the past 3 years. If you’re here to find guidance towards your inner wisdom, I’m happy to help.

Take a leap & click the button below to learn more. 

1:1 Training

These high-level programs are for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch physical pain, overwhelm and self-doubt in order to create success and fulfillment in all areas of life through conscious movement and work-life-integration.

Online Courses

Inspired by those who search for structure, healthy habits and a deeper connection to their bodies' strength and weaknesses, I've designed various Pilates Programs, accessible on demand. I will walk you through training modules, including high-value resources, that you can practice at your own pace.

Retreats & Workshops

Wether you are new to Pilates or like to level up your practice: I'll be your guide. Sign yourself up for one of these signature events to transform your mindset, build unshakable connection to your bodies' communication system, harness your breath and design the life of your dreams - all whilst connecting with fellows.

Student Reviews

I have been joining already several of Lena's online classes. It has always been a superb atmosphere - a combination of challenging sequences and mindful movements. I enjoy her instruction style and authentic nature 🙂 Pilates is such a perfect add-on to my regular yoga practice. I do not want to miss it.
Hanna Hesse


Would you like to cultivate structure in mind and body? Would you like to learn how to combine busy routines and a mind at ease? Would you like to experience what it feels like be centered, grounded and fit in every aspect of your life

Perfect – because you’ll learn all that in “Time to Shine”. The 4 weeks Holistic Pilates Program allows you to get aware of your bodies’ communication system so that you will never ignore joint pains, rather, create sustainable gains and shine bright

In order to create substantial change, you first want to loosen up your body and work through body or mindset blockages.

In the second week, you’ll be guided through everything you need to know to find structure and balance within your body & mind.

We’ll dive into those deeper (core) muscle layers, supported by Pilates equipment that’ll allow you to perform each exercise consciously.

You will learn how to overcome procrastination, negative habits and discover easy action steps that you can implement right away in order to see lifelong results.

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