Change happens through movement.

We at Pilates Bay thrive in nature and athletic activities which is why we teach the explorative kind a mindful way of moving, injury free, so that they can (re-)connect to their bodies & thrive through this adventurous journey, called life.  

Our mission is to provide tools and practices that advance individual physical conditions on the spot. Eventually, life is short and your health is priority number one for physical, mental and personal freedom

Pilates Bay developed from a passion project of our founder Lena Heuel into a company that’s hosting events, retreats and an active online community together with guest experts in the holistic health industry – and we are only getting started. 

Since 2020 we are focussing on a holistic approach, including not only the principles of Pilates but also daily habits, nutrition and mental clarity as we believe in the interplay of it all.

Say goodbye to joint pain and join Pilates Bay – your harbor to rest & recharge, sailing off strong to explore what life has to offer. 

Small aligned actions, every day.

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What we stand for.

Reflection & Growth

Aspiring to learn and grow we seek for situations of uncertainty, to get out of the comfort zone & change our surroundings which helps us to reflect & grow.

Connection & Collaboration

We are all one team. We grow together and believe strongly in collaborations over competition. We build trusting relationships by showing up for each other.


We at Pilates Bay believe in bravery and the courage to look at yourself, your body, your inner self, your black spots, your weak spots and move through it and learn from it! We relentlessly pursue greatness and know that possibility is bigger than the fear of failure.


Movement is fun: be creative and explore your body in different angles, from different perspectives and mix things up when it comes to your individual training, aligned to what you value and enjoy. We are all the same but also have different desires, skills and life visions. At Pilates Bay we find personalized formulas. 


There is only one person who can make a change & that’s you. You are here to stretch the ordinary & lead yourself responsibly to design your life in your favor.  

- 2018

As a youngster Lena used to play around on the treadmill, Pilates Reformer and Barrel since her mum owns a studio herself in Germany. She got born into a family with a mum who was applying her knowledge of physiotherapy, pilates, osteopathy, naturopathy and nutrition on her kids that had a major impact on Lena’s way of living. 

Movement was in her blood, and from early childhood Lena was active in a variety of sports including dance, martial arts and skiing. She still enjoys various outdoor sports and challenges her body in different ways as much as possible, but it was her passion for finding ease and joy that made her choose Pilates as a way of life and work. 

2018 - 2020

Lena completed her Social Science Bachelors, writing her thesis at Carl Zeiss Germany, thinking she’d continue her career at the HR department, but then took a gap year to Australia that changed it all. She practiced Yoga at the beach in Byron Bay, finding guidance throughout movement in a moment of low self-esteem, lack of orientation and missing connection to herself and others. It triggered the beginning of “Pilates Bay” (you probably get the company now).


In 2018, back in Germany, she started a career in media at Mediacom Düsseldorf, and completed the Pilates Bodymotion Comprehensive certification in Cologne. A masters degree in Media & Business brought her to the Netherlands where she also registered “Pilates Bay” in 2020 and has since then been teaching Pilates Mat and Apparatus professionally in Germany, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and online from France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Aruba. 


Next to Freelancing as a Marketing Specialist for small businesses, Lena established her online presence with only a IG account, e-mail list and product suite, from weekly classes to a “Yogilates Retreat Day”, “Pilates in Nature” and an “Ultimate Runners Course” – she’s got it all covered to advance physical and mental freedom.

From the beginning Lena worked with a business coach together, following her passion with big steps, working as a brand ambassador for balanzs, collaborating with co-working spaces like Startdock, and brands like Yogisha or Lululemon Amsterdam. The online community grew fast and her ambitions with it. Eventually she launched her website pilatesbaylena.com at the end of the year. 

2022 - today

In the beginning of the year, Lena finally moved to Amsterdam to elaborate further on business connections. Her biggest belief: “proximity is power” – bring yourself in an environment that’s making you dream big.

Yet, throughout all responsibilities and difficulties as a solopreneuer, every new level brings along a new “devil”.  Lena experienced a big recession in the first half of the year, yet, never gave up on herself, her mission and big dream. She learned how to lead herself as a CEO and eventually launched her second companyLena Heuel Mentoring” with which she’s sharing her learnings with fellow teachers in the health industry.  

Pilates Bay got a makeover, and focused more and more on online courses that advance not only physical performance but also mental clarity and mindfulness in daily life. 

Advancing services so that you get your 5-star experience at the bay, connecting with your body, mind and likeminded others and leaving with a big smile in your face – that’s what we love and that’s the spirit for 2023! Welcome on board!