Hey, I am Lena!

Hey I am Lena and 28 years old. I grew up in Germany, in a small town close to Düsseldorf, now living in beautiful Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

My passion is the combination of conscious movements with that little extra challenge to reflect on underlying muscles & patterns. 
In my classes I focus on correct anatomical alignment and mindful practice, including breathing techniques and body awareness.

Practice with me to build strength & mobility 

– on and off the mat.

One thing I've learned...

… in my 28 years of existence on this earth, is probably the necessity to get out there, take actions upon your goals and show your surrounding what you are capable of.

Small aligned actions will eventually sum up into your future vision; in case you trust your self and the divine timing around you.

As cheesy as this might sound, it’s self-proven and agreed on by many other fellows.

It was back in spring 2018 when I joined this life-changing Yoga-Class at the beach in Byron Bay, Australia. It was a moment of low self-esteem, lack of orientation in life and missing connection (to myself & others) ….

Not sure what it was ...

…but this french instructor who was able to afford her travel journey by teaching classes remotely, based on donation,  triggered my thought process. What if I do the same?

At that time I already knew:  I am going to work in creative industries, in media, whilst teaching Pilates classes.

Jumping a few years later

What I’ve learned and done in the meantime exceeds my imagination on a daily basis. Despite the challenges of moving countries and creating a new life over and over again …

I was able to create my own energy center & use it as a vehicle to create the life I’ve always dreamed of.

I am  free like a bird, working on projects that I am passionate about, teaching Pilates on a regular basis, get to inspire & teach others and wake up feeling alive & purpose-driven every day (mostly :D).

I’ve learned to use physical movement consciously as my greatest asset & applied the same methods over & over again.

Before I knew it...

I figured out how to level up my physical & mental health which reflects in all aspects of my life, I gained clarity on my direction & own my emotions so I can thrive through life.

And if I can do that – you can do so too!!