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"Lena is a wonderful teacher and am very happy with the online classes I participated in"
"Lena is an amazing teacher! Her presence fills the room with joy & enthusiasm. Even in the more difficult classes she manages to keep me motivated and entertained"
Life Coach
"Lena shows workouts don't need to be intense to be effective.
We can't get enough of her down to earth nature"
Product Owner

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The Pilates Bay Online Studio offers you a virtual place, in the comfort of your personal space (or wherever you feel home), to move freely. You deserve to prioritize your health, to get (back) in touch with your body and mind and to make the most out of your time on the mat. It’s more than Pilates, it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

As a member you’ll get access to the library of full-length on demand Pilates classes for all levels.

The virtual studio will continue to grow every month so you will always be getting more exciting ways to continue your Pilates journey and stay fit in body and mind.

Everything in the virtual studio is exclusive to members only.

Your membership will automatically renew, so if you wish to cancel, please ensure you do before the 7 day trial expires.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the Beginner classes. 
Or if unsure message the team:

As always, it’s recommended to consult your primary care physician before doing any type of movement program. 

Should you have pain in your body currently, please email us to let us know the specifics so that we may help you. 

As with pain when we do a movement practice, here is one nice tip: Don’t chase the pain. This means: Don’t go deep into a movement until you feel the pain that you normally feel. Instead, go a bit shorter or softer into the movement to where you DON’T EXPERIENCE THE PAIN. 

Regarding injuries, these vary widely. However, we would generally say yes you can still practice this program but please e-mail beforehand at

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