Time to Shine

analyze, optimize and scale up to your next fitness level.


Did you know...?

Did you know that it’s not necessary to excessively workout 5 times a week to get a strong core, increase flexibility or manage 10 push-ups without a plink?! The key to a strong and healthy body are smart and holistic systems. 

With our signature course “Time to Shine” you’ll learn how to grow beyond “short hamstrings”, lower back pain or tensed jaws, to finally meet your goals in endurance, flexibility or strength within only 4 weeks.

time to shine

Holistic course

The TTS Holistic Live Course is for you to learn about your bodies smart system & logic, its compensation mechanisms and structure. Based on that knowledge you will understand the reasons for your “pain points” and which workout- or life- habits needs to change for you to reach your next performance level. With the TTS magic you will know how to nourish your muscles effectively so they contract when you need them to.


Knowing and understanding your bodies logic is an actual game changer. Small blocks (aka swim noodles), daily walks and 6 weeks later, I was finally able to “extend” my hamstring stretch, lengthen my spine in a long sit and ultimately go for longer runs without any (joint-) pain.

And this even without: 

  • 5-7 workout sessions a week 
  • No (or low) carb diets 
  • or counting calories 

But instead with:

  • A simple but smart system   
  • Habits that are easy to include in day-to-day life 
  • Only a few small extra steps for ideal results
  • The TTS magic

And now it's your turn!

turn your goals into reality this year
"Most of our team is either yoga background or general fitness, so pilates was a new practice for us to try. Pilates has a language of its own, and remembering to define the cues is important for awareness.  We also enjoyed the variety of content, from workshop, to video, to reading, and audio selections. This made for an interactive experience and does well with different learning styles so everyone gets something nice.  Your bubbly attitude was the best part for everyone. We all enjoyed how kind and open your teaching style is - your energy is contagious."
Elisabeth Evans
Educator at Lululemon

The TTS Content

Get an idea of TTS’s magic with the module overview below.

Module 1: Set your intentions.

To start with, you’ll get clear on your goals and intentions. Together we reflect on your status quo, assess your fitness level on major & minor muscle groups so we can define the next action steps.

Module 2: Optimize.

Based on your fitness assessment you learn in the next step about the reasons that could have led to your status quo. Understand how to optimize your life- and training routines to advance your (physical) performance substantially.

Module 3: Scale up.

Catapult yourself into the next higher, stronger and most flexible self - physically, mentally and holistically. In the last step you learn how to build healthy routines, how to create a motivating environment and to sustain your incredible performance. This is your backbone for long term success.

3 interactive workshops...

Workshop 1: (Lower) Back Booster
We start with the most common pain point: The lower back. Together we assess and analyze before I explain how your water consumption, spinal rotations and the quality of your breath influence flexibility, endurance and strength of your back.  

Workshop 2: Knee Support Systems
You’ll learn about knee pain reasons which include topics like the breath, hip alignment, the fascial system and your precious booty next to (life-) habits that we get to adapt.

Workshop 3: Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Truths 
Within this workshop, we explore all compensation-mechanisms (e.g. jaw grinding, biting nails, lifted shoulder etc.) and learn which action steps, tools, exercises and/or dentist appointments are necessary in order to re-align your body.

In a nutshell:


In 3 interactive video workshops you’ll get 60-90 min input each, plus the recording afterwards. In that way you can learn in your own tempo, press pause in between and re-watch at any given time

Video Library

For each workshop you get selected exercises, aiming to unlock your highest physical performance, growing beyond your assessed pain points/symptoms. 

Workbook and -sheets

…that enable you to start immediately: “What does a weak muscle need?”, Cheatsheet on “Key vitamins and their purposes” and your individual Fitness Performance tracker.

I love how much background knowledge you have. Really authentic
and professional and most of all with a lot of passion!
Laura Meurer
Marketing Expert

Join "Time to Shine"

and learn how to analyze, optimize and scale up your performance

Hey, I am Lena!

Welcome to the Pilates Bay Community! My Time to Shine Program combines my passion for conscious movement with holistic habits and powerful life transformation.


Why? Because I think my road to (mental &) physical high performance, holistic lifestyle for the past 10 years, improving endurance, flexibility and strength effortlessly shouldn’t be a secret. 


With TTS you learn how you’re building your own first aid toolbox, enabling you to react fast and efficiently in situations of pain. For a life full of physical and mental freedom, mobility and resilience. 


Feel invited to make that step and join the tribe! 


Most frequent questions and answers

You’ve missed it. The past round was running February 2023. Pop yourself on the waiting list to be informed when we open doors again!! 🙂 

The fact that you are reading this, means it’s the right time. 
Don’t Think, Just Do 🙂  Or message us: mail@pilatesbaylena.com

This program is all about time flexibility. If you miss a workshop it’s no problem! All workshops will be recorded and uploaded into your course portal so that you may practice at your own pace.  You have lifetime access to all content. 

As always, it’s recommended to consult your primary care physician before doing any type of movement program. 

Should you have pain in your body currently, please email me to let me know the specifics so that i may help you. 

As with pain when we do a movement practice, here is one nice tip: Don’t chase the pain . This means: Don’t go deep into a movement until you feel the pain that you normally feel. Instead, go a bit shorter or softer into the movement to where you DON’T EXPERIENCE THE PAIN. 

Regarding injuries, these vary widely. However, I would generally say yes you can still practice this program but please e-mail beforehand at mail@pilatesbaylena.com

That’s amazing!! Pop yourself on the waiting list to be informed first, when TTS goes into its next round. 

Are you ready to shine bright?