Finding inspiration

The other day I read my book by the river… 
I sat down on a bench, close to the cannel, opened my book and observed the surrounding for a few moments. A swan diving up and down, widening its wings, cleaning itself; the cherry blossoms on the other side of the cannel; a few kids running down the street… I took a couple deep breaths. Slowing down my heartbeat.. I took a couple more breaths. Calming down. My anxiety, overwhelm and restlessness that I’ve felt this morning…

Feelings that come up every now and then. Telling me to stop, to stay present, to reflect and have a few moments. Reading my book helped. In general, to allow myself a few hours, on a Wednesday afternoon, to just read and pause, instead of rushing though projects at my desk. Didn’t feel guilty at all. For once.

Sherlock Holmes is a genius. Following his streps, his reasoning and way of thinking caught my full attention. Eventually he’s making you aware that it’s less about the end-result, but more about each tiny step which explains the suspects’ motivation and motive. Read more about my thoughts on that book here.

However, it made me understand that those breaks are necessary, especially if you are self-employed or build your own brand. As you need that motivation, inner drive and inspiration to keep going right?! To wake up excited. To have an open mind. And to feel fulfilled.

We often focus on the end product or service and only feel satisfied once it’s completed. Or if at all. We compare ourselves to others. See their end-results and products which make us feel less important, less successful, less valuable…

Yet, everyone has their own quality, their own value with which they make an impact, motivate and inspire others.

So if you feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or anything similar, I encourage you to search for inspiration. Inspirational experiences that triggers those positive feelings which make you feel excited (again).

Here is what I can recommend: 

  • read a novel that you’ve always wanted to read (don’t overthink, just pick one); you’ll get the chance to escape your world for a while and have a leap into another persons’ mind 
  • Go for a walk and pay attention to your surrounding (we often walk with our headphones on which prevent us from being fully present in the moment) 
  • Take a couple deep breaths (preferably outside in nature)
  • Meditate! If necessary 3 times a day or even more often. Morning, lunch and evening.
    To guide you throughout the day. 
  • Have a look at the next book store and just indulge yourself in some titles / headlines
  • Stroll through town/ shops (some you haven’t been before)
  • Go for a bike ride and just take roads you haven’t taken before 
  • Go for a run in the next park 
  • Put your favorite tunes on, unroll your mat and let your body flow to the music 
  • visit a museum
  • Or have a scroll through Pinterest 

Pick something that feels good in that moment and just stick with it for the next 1-2 hours. Nobody can tell what works best for you. Explore for some time and then come back with a new fresh mind & ideas. 🙂 

I hope that one serves you. 

Let me know what you think! 

Xx Lena 

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