14 Days Summer Challenge is here!

The first summer challenge in the Pilates Bay Online Studio is here! We will embark on a 14 day summer Pilates Challenge together.

14 x brand new 30 minute pilates workouts designed to make you feel strong and unstoppable this summer. Lena has designed these classes to challenge you, to get your creative juices flowing and to feel the Pilates goodness we all know and love.

Each class will go live in the challenge page here at 5am CEST and you’ll also get it straight into your inbox each morning.

Day 1: The first class of the challenge is strong, steady and dynamic! I hope you enjoy it! :))

Day 2: A flowing and juicy class for day 2 of our summer challenge!

Day 3: A wholesome full body Pilates workout for day 3 of your challenge!

Day 4: Loaded with back work, upper body work and of course: lunges 🙂

Day 5: Get ready for a strong, full body fundamental class.

Day 6: Day 6 begins with a standing arms and squat section before we fire up the abdominal and sides.

Day 7: Get excited for a dynamic Pilates class with some leg & core work!

Day 8: We pack a lot into day 8, so that time flies by and you’ve completed 35 minutes of Pilates.

Day 9: A strong and powerful practice, with lateral movements, one arm work and standing section included.

Day 10: A much deserved wholesome stretchy class before we fire it up for the rest of the challenge!

Day 11: Lots of challenging fun with a flowing Pilates workout: core, glutes and back strengthening work!

Day 12: A lovely short and simple pilates class for you, with exercises you’ve seen before. 

Day 13: Day 13, a standing section to power up your legs before we plank it out, walk our dogs and press into some flowing fun!

Day 14: We made it!! Day 14 is a celebration of everything we have moved through together in this challenge! :))

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”
– Joseph H. Pilates