Your place to rest, re-align and rise with an even stronger body and mind.

Are you looking for a place...

where you can let loose, and follow a movement practice that feels just right for you? A safe space where your ambitions and goals are reciprocated, supported and kept accountable? A place, where you have all wisdom bundled together, on physical strength and mobility, mental clarity and healthy habits that keep you going – no matter where you are in the world.

Then stop searching – this is it! You found it!

welcome home sunshine!

The Bayside Membership is your new virtual Health Hub. Get excited for a video library with 70+ & growing Pilates Videos, Masterclasses from Guest experts all about holistic health and movement. This is your place where you get individual support, throughout group-live-trainings and workout plans that serve and challenge you at the same time.

Hey, I am Lena!

Welcome to the Pilates Bay Community! The Bayside Membership combines my passion for connection, community, conscious movement and holistic health, on and off the mat.

Why do I share all this now? Because I think mental and physical strength, a healthy lifestyle and support of a loving, strong community should be accessible to everyone. It’s no secret that only together we can go further than far – beyond our wildest dreams. 

With TBM you learn how to set yourself up for long term consistency,  building sustainable health, no matter where you go. For a life full of physical and mental freedom, mobility and resilience. 

Feel invited to make that step and join the tribe of big goals, courage and commitment. Always by your side: Welcome to your own personal Bayside! 

xx Lena

Membership Content

Video library of 70+ and growing Pilates classes for you to enjoy on any device, at any time. 

A monthly live Workout together with likeminded people, offering you the space to ask questions and to get to know your peers.

Monthly Masterclasses from Guest Experts in the Industry & Lena herself.

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The Masterclasses

You have immediate access to all masterclasses, as soon as you are part of TBM! 

How do I know if the membership suits me?

It’s not the right place for you if you:

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Invest in the only things you buy that makes you richer: movement & connection!

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As a member you’ll get access to the library of full-length on demand Pilates classes for all levels.

Your video library continuously grows (as well as guest speakers and masterclasses), so you always get new exciting ways to continue your fitness journey to stay flexible in body and mind. On top you get discount codes and priority access to Online Courses, a Facebook Community of like minded people and Q&A Live Calls.  

Everything in the virtual studio is exclusive to members only.

The video library is designed in a way that you could take your workouts with you, location independently. You could use a mat, but also outside on the grass or beach. Some classes use small props, like the Pilates Ball (easy to travel with), the Pilates Circle or 1-2kg dumbbells. 


Yes, desktop, android, mac, iPads, iOs and windows.

No, there are options for beginners to advanced, so there’s something for all levels.

If you want to terminate your membership, we are sad to hear that, but in principle it’s super easy. After your first 3 months, you can always cancel till the 30th of a month to not be a member anymore from the 1st of the following month.

Keep Moving

The Bayside Membership offers you a virtual place, in the comfort of your personal space (or wherever you feel home), to move freely. You deserve to prioritize your health, to get (back) in touch with your body and mind and to make the most out of your time on (& off) the mat. It’s more than Pilates, it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle.