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Holistic Pilates Program

A 4 weeks Online Program that will lead you towards the person you desire to be, step by step, helping you to implement healthy habits, connecting with yourself & others on a deeper level.

You will learn my favorite tools & practices for body awareness, self-care, emotional intelligence, mindset, energy management, productivity, goal setting and so much more.

Student reviews

I was really anti Pilates, but took a couple of classes with Lena and she completely changed my opinion towards it! Pilates can be fun and the right amount of exercise and relaxation at the same time if you have the right teacher. I love how much background knowledge she has. Really authentic and professional and most of all with a lot of passion!
Laura Meurer
Marketing Expert
Lena is an amazing Pilate instructor. Not only is she very knowledgeable and skilled but her classes are all very fun. I would highly recommend her online courses: Yogilates!
Chloé Schwitzgebel
Campaign Manager
Lena is a wonderful teacher and am very happy with the online classes I participated in.
Jorn Douwstra
University Teacher
Lena is an amazing teacher! Her presence fills the room with joy & enthusiasm. She is not only diligent, professional and knowledgable… she is authentic & so fun to be around! Even in the more difficult classes she manages to keep me motivated and entertained. Every class I join I know I will learn something new about myself, my body or my mind.
Lena Brabender
Leadership Coach

I am lena

Meet your instructor

…an international Movement Coach, certified in Pilates Mat- and Breath work. My mission is to empower ambitious professionals through conscious movements so they (re-)connect to their structure in mind and body.

I’ve learned to use physical movement as my greatest asset & applied the same methods over & over again. Before I knew it, I figured out how to level up my bodies’ and mental health, gain clarity on my direction & own my emotions so I can thrive through life.

And you can do that too!

Get that shiny glow on your face


Your journey

Engaging minor muscles to actively strengthen your body from within so that you will walk out taller, centered and empowered to take on any endeavor that is waiting for you.

Having a step-by-step method that is easy to follow and will teach you the logic of a healthy habits so nothing is holding you back, to turn into the ultimate self you’ve always signed yourself up for.

The Program Modules

Start with the overview below to get inspired.

Module 1
Free up & Unlock

In order to create substantial change, you first want to loosen up your body and work through body or mindset blockages. That’s why we begin with classes that bring your pulse high, cleanse the body by sweating it out & activates your senses with the right beats. As part of the program you receive all the strategies to crush negative patterns, harness your breath and bring your empowering energy in motion.

Module 2
Sort & Align

The way that you show up for yourself determines how much you can show up for others. In the second week, you’ll be guided through everything you need to find structure and balance within your body & mind. You will learn how to align your posture, know what a weak muscle needs in order to get trained and how to make use of a strong pelvic floor so you can finally move forward to make profound changes in your external reality.

Module 3
Extend & Deepen

Week 3 will challenge your motivation to make a change towards a healthy lifestyle.
We will dive into those deeper (core) muscle layers, supported by
Pilates equipment that will allow you to perform each exercise in depth.
Explore your boundaries in a safe environment.
You will learn about key vitamins, their main purposes and how to level up your diet.

Module 4
Maintain & Shine

Module 4 of “Time to Shine” focuses on creating a clear vision and roadmap towards your empowered self. Further, you will learn hot to gain and maintain healthy habits, how to overcome procrastination, and discover easy action steps that you can implement right away in order to see lifelong results. Maintain your light and shine bright into the world around you.

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What's included

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Most frequent questions and answers

You can drop yourself in at any given time. You decide on your pace, you’re your own boss. However, if you’d like to follow a schedule, I can recommend the beginning of a new month or quarter. 

The fact that you are reading this, means it’s the right time. 
Don’t Think, Just Do 🙂  Or message me:

This program is all about time flexibility. If you miss a class it’s no problem! Most classes are (or will be) recorded and uploaded into your course program so that you may practice at your own pace.  You have unlimited access to this content. 

As always, it’s recommended to consult your primary care physician before doing any type of movement program. 

Should you have pain in your body currently, please email me to let me know the specifics so that i may help you. 

As with pain when we do a movement practice, here is one nice tip: Don’t chase the pain . This means: Don’t go deep into a movement until you feel the pain that you normally feel. Instead, go a bit shorter or softer into the movement to where you DON’T EXPERIENCE THE PAIN. 

Regarding injuries, these vary widely. However, I would generally say yes you can still practice this program but please e-mail beforehand at

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